Finally, working to a well-defined Health, Safety & Environmental Plan at NORTHERN GENERAL MAINT. CONT,, Dubai, we pride in ourselves, for the services we render the industry. As we concentrate within the specialized industries, we have been widely accepted & recognized for the services we provide. We always believe & emphasized on “QUALITY SERVICE”. It is our desire, to be always known as a company who’s reliability could be banked on, at any given time or moment. As such, our endeavor is to strive for perfection, quality service & performance, with the ability to keep up, with the ever stringent and increasingly difficult competition & without any suffice in our standards. These we do very sincerely and is proved by the Client’s response we keep receiving, time Et again.

We trust that you will allow us the opportunity to be of service to you in the near future whatever your need be, provided it is within the field we operate in. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any clarifications or should you feel the need for further information. We shall be more than pleased & only wilting to assist to you.

We offer the best contractual rates, qualitative jobs, completion within the time schedule and full satisfaction of contractor and cons tractors/ clients.

  • Grinding Machine 7″ 50 Nos.
  • Grinding Machine 4″ 80 Nos.
  • Drilling Machine 10 Nos.
  • Cutting Machine 10 Nos.
  • Gas cutting Set 10Nos.
  • Welding machine 35 Nos.
  • TIG Welding Machine 10 Nos.
  • Pick up – 1 Ton Cap. 02 Nos.
  • Other Vehicles 05 Nos.
  • Testing Pump                         03 Nos.
  • Hydraulic Trolleys 12 Nos.
  • Hydraulic Torque wrench 1 No.
  • Auto Level 1 No.
  • Digital Theodolite (Total Station) 1No.
  • Tools, Tackles, Lifting equipment’s & Accessories Lot